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Peter M. Kershaw

Duchy Parade Films Ltd:
Duchy Parade Films Ltd was set up as an Independent production company to develop and pursue imaginative alternative drama projects

Recent Duchy Productions:

Visions focused on intermediate filmmakers and Yorkshire as a place to film. I devised, raised the funding, organized and managed the Visions International Exchange for five intermediate writer/directors from Yorkshire and five from Lithuania. This 2005 programme was built around screenings, training, networking and industry awareness with peers. Currently developing with the Lithuanian & British participants SONATA a full-length co-production Feature idea.

A dark tale before bed. Starring David Soul. An innovative animation/live-action drama commissioned by Tyne Tees Television & NFM from Duchy Parade Films. Pilot for a network TV series.

A music video for the 70’s Space Rock band Hawkwind featuring Matthew Wright.

The first UK 35mm film to be post-produced in its entirety using the digital intermediate process, completed in Denmark and launched at Cannes International Film Festival. 35mm cinema short about the poet Wilfred Owen. Producer, writer & director for Duchy Parade Films.  Innovative mixed media combining animation and live-action with actors Sir Derek Jacobi, Edward Fox, Michael Higgs and poet Tony Harrison, incorporating specially commissioned original artwork by Yvonned Elvin and soundtrack by Dave Bainbridge.  Distributed by Apollo Cinema chain and independent cinemas around the UK and screened in festivals worldwide including Cannes, Montreal, Philadelphia, British Short Film Festival and Raindance.

Other Independent drama experience:
BEGIN, AND CEASE Award winning short drama about death. Producer, writer & director for Claro Films. Shot & edited on 16mm film. Production design by Ali Allen, DoP Giles Nuttgens. Distributed worldwide to festivals by the British Council. Funded by Yorkshire Arts. Drumming Monkey, Producer/1st Assistant Director featuring Richard Wilson. Wishbone, Production Manager/1st Assistant Director with Ken Morley, Rik Mayall, Tom Watt; and several short films for the National Film & Television School: Fishing for Compliments, That Special Ingredient & Bridget and the Drowning Man.

Script Writing Training:
I have taken a series of International Screenwriting and Structure classes taught by many of the current leading ‘gurus’ in story & screenplay form. Attended several with support funding from Screen Yorkshire’s Training.

Write Directions: Script Development for Directors The Script Factory for Screen Yorkshire. Syd Field – Modern Master Class in script & modern screenplay structure, Simon van der Borgh – Visions programme, Vilnius (Genre & character), Simon van der Borgh – Leeds Met. Scene, character and structure, Christopher Vogler – Myth and Story. John Truby – Genre and structure. Nic Ransome – Sci-fi Genre. Robert McKee STORY so good I did it twice. Arista various incl: Rom/Com and Treatment, Script Form & Development. Selected for the first ever ADEPT programme taught in UK/Holland/Denmark, (Media/Film Council funded).

Producer/Director for Broadcast:
After graduating from London University BD (Hons) & AKC (dip), I interned in the media industry in Philadelphia, PA, USA. Since 1990 until recently I have worked primarily in Broadcast for Granada, Yorkshire, Tyne Tees Television producing/directing both network and regional programmes, and gaining experience in a wide range of styles, techniques and formats. Specialising in ‘programmes with a filmmaker’s sensibility’. I have also produced/directed for the BBC and Independent Production Companies.

Broadcast credits include:
JUST ANOTHER DAY, hour-long documentary on the social changes in life-style on Sundays. A 2001 re-visit of John Irving’s 1970s documentary.
NO MORE CRY - THE CORRS IN NEWCASTLE documentary on the International Irish Band The Corrs in concert and their lung cancer appeal.
STRANGE MEETING documentary on the making of the short cinema film Wilfred.
SHARE OUR VISION video to launch Newcastle & Gateshead bid to be
 European City of Culture 2008.  With actors Robson Green, Denise Welch, Olympian Jonathan Edwards and Prime Minster, Rt. Hon. Tony Blair MP.

Programmes I devised and developed for Television:
LINDISFARNE GOSPELS documentary on the world famous illuminated manuscript. Distributed in North America on video & DVD by Gateway/Vision. Presented by actor Robert Duncan (‘Gus’ from C4’s Drop the Dead Donkey).

THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT hour-long Entertainment special celebrating 40 years of broadcasting by Tyne Tees Television. Featuring Ant & Dec, Tom O’Connor, Bill Maynard, Denise Welch and Melvyn Bragg.

THE ABC OF CHRISTIAN HERITAGE documentary factual. Two series, six half-hour programmes on archaeology, history and religion. With storyteller actor Robert Duncan and featuring Melvyn Bragg. Series also marketed on video & DVD in North America by Gateway/Vision.

5 MINUTES Factual series. Three series of over 25 programmes on history, architecture and religion.

Other Director & Producer Broadcast credits include:
HIGHWAY (Producer) Long running Network Entertainment/Religion series presented by Sir Harry Secombe. Filmed in Northern England and two programmes from Gibraltar and Southern Spain. LIVES IN FOCUS Factual interview series with leading figures from the world of arts, politics and entertainment. Arts MY FAVOURITE OBJECT and VIDEO ME, JUST FOR A MINUTE. Current Affairs, CLOSE UP NORTH & FAREWELL TO THE PALACE about the Archbishop of York and THE ENTHRONEMENT of Dr David Hope.

Production & Direction Training
Trained in directing film drama at the International Film & Television Workshops in Rockport, Maine, USA. In production management at National Film & Television School and film producing on various short courses run by: British Film Institute, National Short Course Training Programme, Skillset, Directors Guild of Great Britain and Raindance.

WILFRED Royal Television Society NE Award for Best Independent Production by an Independent Producer & the One North East Trophy for Best Independent Production by an Independent Producer & Sony Cinematography Award 2001. Audience award Wood Green Film Festival 2003. FAREWELL TO THE PALACE Winner of Sandford St. Martin, 1993-95. THE ABC OF CHRISTIAN HERITAGE Royal Television Society Award winner in 1995 & 1996 and Andrew Cross Award in 1998. BEGIN, AND CEASE at the Chicago International Film Festival in 1993.


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