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From Script to Screen
The Art of the short film
Saturday 21st October 2006 at West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds. Tutor: Peter M. Kershaw
A short film workshop
10.00 set-up for 10.30 Start.
15.00 round up with final Q&A for 15.30 finish.
(There will be a break for lunch in the middle.)

Short film is undergoing an evolution a revolution in its reasons for being; the purpose of shorts, funding, opportunity, audience, the how and why shorts are made in the last couple of years have started a process of change.

Built around screenings and practical advice the short of it….is a day intended to get those grey cells thinking.

If you love seeing short films or want to explore more practical advice on making shorts and current trends then this should be a good day for you. I intend to adjust the weighting of the day, on the day, to suit demands from the group but viewing and how to… will be the day’s main building blocks.

Screenings. From some of the best shorts that launched careers for film industry names, to shorts made through and outside of funding schemes. A look at British, American and European shorts including some of Yorkshire’s very own. Part of the reason for screening these shorts will be to explore different approaches to story. I’ll be including European shorts not seen in the UK and the selection will comprise animation as well as live-action examples. My emphasis is on drama with passing reference to factual and none dramatic approach to shorts.

Practical. Mixing with the screenings will be an exploration of some of the questions you need to ask and things you need to know to make your own shorts. A practical guide to resources including books, websites, and organisations that can help you make your own short films. The practical element will be explored from the viewpoints of a writer, director and a producer.

Hopefully, the day will enthuse and excite and you’ll see some great and unusual films so bring your popcorn and grab a note pad and pen!

Peter M Kershaw.

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