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Cinema of Horror

Shooting end of Feb. 2008.

A ten-minute drama about three film students who see the world through the fantasy of the films they like. Inspired by current trends in Asian and Far East Cinema. Shooting in the Leeds/Bradford & Harrogate areas and starring Andy Cheung, David Kendra, John William Andrews, & Felicia Herrero.
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“Blood oozes from the large bite-shaped gash on Sarah's neck. Something hauntingly disgusting waits for her in her bedroom. Trapped in her own home. She is being watched. Nobody can help her. Nobody to watch her die.”

From director Duncan Laing shooting under the Duchy Umbrella early Feb. 08.

European Western/action-adventure

From writer/director Peter M. Kershaw.

Feature Film developed through MEDIA’S Katapult Workshops in Budapest, Hungary. With production development through MEDIA’s “European Films Crossing Borders-07”, Berlin, Germany 2007. Script development supported by Film Fund (Skillset) and Screen Yorkshire.

“When Landed Families owned the law,
Life sometimes
had a price.”

Inspired by true events this is the story of Isaac Hawksworth a Coiner, a counterfeiter.

Psychological Horror

From writer/director Peter M. Kershaw.

Feature Film. Psychological Horror set on a Scottish island in development through MEDIA’S Mediterranean Film Institute, Athens, 2007 Workshops

Short drama

Slated for summer of 2008. A short drama about dreams.

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