Gameplay 2

Writer/director -  Peter M. Kershaw
Producer - Lynn Roberts
New short film production from Duchy Parade Films for 2006.
"GaMEPLAY 2 is a very contemporary story set around computer gaming - its issues are not for the faint hearted." Peter M. Kershaw, writer/director.
The film is intended for production on HD in the autumn of 2006.

Army brat Conrad (19) and experimenter Max, are in the business of producing nasty little happy slapping videos showing their fellow students being abused and beaten. Conradís parentís, Adam and Marion, hardly notice Conrad, trapped in a war of two-way dependence, a mutual abuse of desire, attraction, love and hate. Conrad escapes his homeís domestic violence, blocking it out behind a wall of sounds & images, living inside his head in a virtual world, the alternative reality of computer gaming. GaMEPLAY 2 questions, in the violence that surrounds Conrad, what is cause and what is symptom?
To help create the part of our story set in virtual gaming and animated worlds we have enlisted the support of Bradford University's EIMC Department headed by Dr Ian Palmer.
"We are very excited to be collaborating with Bradford University EIMC whose students are at the cutting edge of new media and animated technology. It is an impressive facility to be based in our region and will bring an extra level of imagination and creative vision to an already innovative project."
Peter M. Kershaw writer/director

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